The environment within which our sport exists has changed rapidly over the last few years and more and more evidence of activities is required in order to progress within our chosen personal paddling or coaching paths.

The intention of this Log Book is for the individual to be able to record details of events associated with paddling in which they have participated.

Hopefully this Log Book gives a way that is not too arduous to record this and is not physically too large to take with you. Note that the sheets are A4 in size, but if you set the print dialogue to print 2 sheet per page it will print A5 size, which is the size that the logbook is intended to be, but it is up to you which size you use.

The following forms are available from the links below, they can be printed and put in your log book.

You only need to print the sheets which you think are relevant to you. In many cases that might just be the Log Sheet, others may want to take advantage of the other sheets.

Note that on the Star Test Syllabus Sheets signature boxes are printed alongside each of the individual elements of the award. These are for your coach/leader to initial and indicate that on that day in those conditions you were proficient at that element. This allows you to gauge your progression and when it might be advisable to go for further training or assessment. Note that it is your decision when to go for assessment and hence the sections do not have to be signed. Just because they are signed does not mean that your performance on assessment will be acceptable.

Any comments or suggestions on ways to improve this Log Book are most welcome.

These sheets are a resource that SACC is making available to anyone who requires them and they can use them as they see fit.

Though we have tried to align the information contained within these sheets to that supplied by the National Governing Body this can not be guaranteed. Hence if clarification of contents of Star Test Syllabus etc. is required please visit www.bcu.org.uk. Acknowledgement goes to the BCU whose permission has been obtained in order to replicate the Star Test syllabus information within these sheets.

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