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Leslie Birch - Adult Paddler of the year

2017 - Awarded to Becky Millard!

Leslie Birch was the wife of Alan Birch and a committed member of the club for many years. Her husband Alan is a former chairman and active Avon county canoeing advisor. The most improved adult paddler award was dedicated to Leslie as a person not blessed with great ability as a paddler but one that improved over a number of years and someone who achieved a competent standard. Les got a great deal of pleasure from participating in our wonderful sport.

Mark Dale - Junior Paddler of the year

2017 - Awarded to James Palmer!

The junior paddler award was for a junior showing the most progress in a year. A good trier ,competent improvement or peer recognition in a discipline. Mark Dale was a young paddler who paddled with his family and then developed his skills with the graded rivers and comfortably managed the Lyn prior to going to university. At 19 years he passed away in his room at university which was a great shock to everyone. I believe his mum and dad still live in Thornbury and his older brother Simon was a committed paddler.

Heather Wood - Club Member of the Year

2017 - Awarded to Mathew Hempstock!

Heather wasn't a kayaker but she was married to David who is a keen kayaker. Lots of you will remember her being with David on club trips and social events, always willing to help with shuttles, always supporting David’s kayaking, always a happy and helpful person. So we've decide to dedicate a new award to her, which will be known as the Club Member of the year award.

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